Program Impact Analysis, LLC

Led by Kristen "Kris" Kuhns, Program Impact Analysis, LLC (PIA) is a consistent project management resource for Development Vision clients, demonstrating unparalleled project management skills and providing great value to our clients in the areas of IT assessment and implementation, systems thinking, research and writing.  PIA has led projects to assess information technology needs, evaluated donor databases, and developed and implemented database protocols.  Programmatically, PIA has worked with an array of clients, including Episcopal Relief and Development, icddr,b, the International Food Policy Research InstituteNetsforLife®, HarvestPlus and the U.S. Diplomacy Center.  PIA has also been invaluable in helping to write complex proposals for submission to donors such as the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation and USAID and developed advocacy materials and board presentations.

Beyond her leadership role at PIA, Kris Kuhns is a dedicated community volunteer.  She served as director of Philanthropy and Fundraising for her sorority, Delta Rho Epsilon raising nearly $20,000 combined for The Maine Cancer Foundation, BeadforLife, Children’s Miracle Network and American Cancer Foundation in her one year tenure. After moving to Atlanta for graduate school Kris quickly became involved as a volunteer and tutor for a number of organizations that offer services to immigrants and refuges. She plays volleyball and softball in Atlanta sports clubs and is currently preparing for her training to be a yoga instructor.

Prior to starting PIA, Kris was a Graduate Assistant at Georgia State University where she taught a course entitled The Human Race: Biology, Society and Culture.  While an undergraduate at the University of Maine, Kris interned at a biomedical lab at a Small Business Innovation Company (SBIC) Research & Development facility in Torrance, California. Kris has a MA in Anthropology from Georgia State University (Atlanta, GA) and a BA in Anthropology with a Minor in Premedical Studies from the University of Maine (Orono, ME) where she graduated magna cum laude and Phi Beta Kappa. Kris completed two theses projects—each focused on preventative medicine, infectious diseases, immigrant health and domestic policy—one on H1N1 (UMaine) and the other on Hansen’s disease (GA State). Kris is a co-author of Ethnogensis: The Construction and Dynamic of the Honors Classroom Culture published in the peer-reviewed Journal of National Collegiate Honors Council (2011).

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